Foto: © Christoph Martin Frommen


Diploma Thesis

The surviving instruments of the König family of organ builders
Diploma thesis Cologne, 1986


Classical music

Non-fiction book for children aged 7 and up
Book publisher Kempen, 2020


Organ Kids

Building an organ with children (and adults)

In just one hour, a complete, playable organ is created through teamwork. By putting the instrument together, the way it works is revealed quite naturally.


Classical French organ music
History of origin, performance practice, use in today’s liturgy

Das Orgelbüchlein by Johann Sebastian Bach
In the format of a lecture-recital, chorales from the Orgelbüchlein are played and explained, particularly with regard to the word-sound relationship and the symbolism of numbers.


Organ concerts for children

1. Peter and the Wolf (Prokofjew)
in a version for organ and shadow play for children aged 4 and over

Ingeborg Hollstein, shadow play
Ute Gremmel-Geuchen, organ

2. Nicht Bach, sondern Meer sollte er heißen. (Quote after Beethoven)

Bach’s work and life told and played for children,
for two actors, chamber music ensemble and organ

Idea and manuscript: Ute Gremmel-Geuchen
for children from primary school age

3. Change the world with Martin Luther

A participatory theatre play for children of primary school age and older,
for actor and organist

Idea and manuscript: Ute Gremmel-Geuchen

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